With us it goes round,

where function meets form. Experience seamless clicking in and out with our patented Austrian design that's not only practical but also a visual standout.

The design allows for a 360° entry into the pedal with the compatible cleat, minimizing the chances of missing the mechanism.

All cultures united,

one pedal, two adventures – defined solely by the cleat. Our pedals merge the demands of both worlds into a universal design.

Size isn't everything. Despite its compact shape, the system provides an optimal contact area and excellent power transfer. No loss in efficiency, no compromises on comfort!

Weight classes,

that make a difference. Choose between 320 grams or opt for the light 179 gram variant for fast sprints and challenging climbs.

Both are designed to meet standard market requirements, giving you the freedom to select your perfect weight based on your individual needs and riding conditions.

A Q-factor as you know it,

choose between 53 mm for a tighter ride and improved power transfer, or 55 mm for more freedom of movement and comfort .

These sizes represent established pedal center lengths in the market, covering a wide range of ergonomic needs.

We are not done yet,

a module with a platform is being implemented, offering even more stability and optimal pressure distribution.
For those who venture beyond clipless pedals, we are also developing a quick-change surface, allowing you to move swiftly through the city in everyday shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions,

Is the contact surface smaller compared to other pedals?

Our contact surface extends to the left and right of the anchor point of the pedal body. Depending on the application, whether on a mountain bike or road bike, it supports the sole of the mountain bike shoe or the cleat underside of the road bike cleats. This support provides a familiar contact surface and creates optimal grip, comparable to the most well-known pedal systems on the market.

How resistant to dirt is the system?

Dirt is as much a concern with our solution as with any other pedal solutions. Too much dirt is always problematic. Our tests under extreme conditions showed no difference compared to known systems. Under the same conditions, our system was always able to click in. Thanks to its design, the functionality is maintained even in dirty environments.

Will there be a power measurement?

We are working on offering a power measurement from the beginning to provide even more precise training data and optimize your performance.

Can the spring tension be adjusted?

Yes, the spring tension can be adjusted. Three different springs are included, allowing you to click out of the pedals at 8, 10, or 12 NM. This way, you can change the spring tension according to personal preference and riding style.

Can the float be adjusted?

We currently offer float settings of 2° and 4°. Based on feedback from riders, we are already working on additional float settings of 0° and 6°, providing even more customization options to meet the individual needs of our users.

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