When Philip (on the right in the picture) was working as a bike salesman in a sports store, he quickly noticed that many cyclists had a common problem: their pedals. Whether beginners or professionals, everyone seemed to struggle with quickly and securely clicking in after a stop. This led to a lot of frustration – and that's exactly where the idea for TOURELLY was born.

Inspired by the numerous conversations with customers who regularly told him about their problems, he thought: "There has to be an easier way!" And so, he began to develop a pedal that would eliminate this frustration once and for all. A pedal that can be clicked in from any direction – without any fiddling or multiple attempts. The idea of a 360° click-in system was born.

Philip gathered his friends Ajmal (on the left in the picture) and Ashkan (in the middle of the picture) – all equally enthusiastic cyclists with a shared background in mechanical engineering. Together, they turned the idea into reality. Many nights and even more cups of coffee later, the TOURELLY pedal was born: a round pedal with no top or bottom, allowing for easy click-in from any direction. Simple, intuitive, and efficient.

Now, with their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, they aim to revolutionize the cycling world and solve the annoying click-in problems once and for all. The team is ready to conquer the cycling world and looks forward to everyone who wants to be part of this movement.